Indian Creek Angus sells certified all-natural grass-fed beef to the local Atlanta, Georgia market. We sell by the side, quarter and eighth of beef. We have been raising cattle naturally for 15 years. Customers come to the farm to pick up beef and see the green pastures where the cattle have grazed. We use no antibiotics, growth hormones, or other additives to our beef. The cows do not feed on grain, and they receive local organic hay in the winter. We are members of Certified Naturally Grown,Georgia Organics,Animal Welfare Approved,and Georgia Grown.

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Dennis, Carol, and Denny believe that cattle should be bred and raised humanely, in a natural and low-stress environment. Our cattle are given no growth hormones or steroids; they are not fattened on grain; they are not fed antibiotics. 

Indian Creek Angus cattle are raised on the rich grasses of Northeast Georgia, with locally-grown hay to supplement during the winter. Our herd has grown from an original registered Angus herd to include other excellent beef breeds like Hereford and Charolais. In addition, we have incorporated the Murray Grey breed from Australia through our bull Kyle. Murray Greys are considered one of the best breeds to convert grass to beef. The breed originated from an Angus and Short-horn parent and the coat is grey. Kyle now has sired over 40 calves on our farm and they are all various shades of his beautiful grey. 

Bulk purchases offer our customers the lowest price for beef. Often we have bulk orders available immediately, but if we are sold out, we will have beef available within a few weeks. Our beef dry ages for 21 days and we usually have some in process at all times. 

The meat is sold by the hanging weight—the weight of the meat as it hangs at the butcher shop after slaughter and before cutting. As the beef is aged for 21 days, the weight will decrease from fluid loss. When the cuts are made, there will also be some weight loss due to removal of bones and gristle. Therefore, the meat you take home will be 55-75% of the hanging weight, depending on how it is cut. This may be a little less that many other farms selling at Home Grown Cow, as most of them do not dry-age their meat (see below). Purchasing less than a side means that you receive a selection of cuts from the front and hind quarters. 

Dry-aging means the carcass is hung in a refrigerated space for several weeks. It is done to tenderize and add flavor to the beef. You might say it is the old-fashioned way of preparing beef. Some aficionados liken the aging of beef to the aging of fine wine. Grocery store beef is not aged and therefore does not have the rich, robust flavor that dry-aged grass-fed beef does. In addition, during the time the beef is aged, the carcass loses fluids, and that means you take home mainly beef and much less water than beef that is not aged. 

A free delivery can be arranged to the Atlanta area - usually north or west suburbs. Many customers from outside Atlanta drive in to meet us and pick up their beef.

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